Greenhouses & Hydroponics


  • Mycomafia Croft Box The Smart Monotub Grow Box
  • All In One Mushroom Grow Kit Instructions Guide To Growing
  • Mycroflo- Portable Laminar Flow Hood
  • Monotub Automated Shoebox Mushroom Grow Chamber
  • Automated- Monotub Mushroom Grow Chamber
  • Automated Bulk Mushroom Growith Marthatek
  • Automated Monotub Mushroom Grow Chamber
  • Bulk Mushroom Growing Kit Monotub Tek (triple) 6x 3 Lbs Pre-sterilized White Millet Seeds Spawn Bags And 6x 6 Lbs Pasteurized Substrate Bags
  • Complete Grow Kit
  • 120 Quart Still Air Glove Box
  • 66 Quart Monotub Fruiting Chamber Spray Port Battery Powered 2speed Fan 5500k Light On Timer,etc.hassle Free Growing No Contams
  • Fully Auto Fruiting Chamber Growkit With Premeasured Spawn Sub Pressure Cooker Grow Guide 4-6 Lb Yield Etc, Etc, Etc Read Description
  • 66 Quart Monotub Fruiting Chamber Growkit Everything For Start To Finish Bulk Growing Includes Easy To Follow, Step By Step Instructions
  • Mono-tub 'mono-tek Mini Plus Fully Automated Dual Function Mushroom Fruiting Chamber
  • 2 Monotubs With 24lbs Substrate And 8lbs Spawn Mushroom Mega Grow Kit
  • Fully Automated Martha Greenhouse 4-6 Lb Dry Yield Per Month Mists, And Fans Itself 3x A Day, 5500k Lights On Timers Set It And Forget It