Greenhouses & Hydroponics


  • 30ml Liquid Culture Syringe Pack. Golden Teacher
  • Mushroom Automated Growing Incubation Chamber
  • 15 X 24 Flow Hood Mycology
  • Complete Agar Starter Kit
  • Complete Liquid Culture Kit
  • Ultimate Mushroom G2g Transfer Incubator Box. Grow Mushrooms Fast
  • All In One Mushroom Grow Kit Instructions Guide To Growing
  • Cracker Jacks Dry Box.dry Up To 20 Lbs Of Mushrooms Down To 2 In Just A Few Hours No More 2-3 Day Wait For Cracker Dry Mushrooms
  • Rusty White Lc 1000 Cc
  • Mushroom Culture Slant Collection Preorder Full Library Of 26 Species (29 Varieties) Shiitake, Lion's Mane, Reishi, And Other Rarities
  • The 360 All Axis Mega Chamber .
  • Bulk Mushroom Grow Kit Monotub 60qt Mono 4qt Sterile Grain Spawn 2kg Coco Coir, Filtered Vents, Easy Beginners High Yeids, Reusable Simple
  • Colonized Agar Dish
  • Mushroom Grow Kit Fame Kit Fully Automated Mushroom Ecosystem Mushroom Kit With Temperature, Humidity, Fanning And Lighting Control
  • Complete Grow Kit
  • 66 Quart Monotub Fruiting Chamber Growkit Everything For Start To Finish Bulk Growing Includes Easy To Follow, Step By Step Instructions