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  • Mushroom Grow Box Fruiting Chamber. Fully Automated. Set And Forget. Mycology
  • Mycobrooder Xl Mushroom Incubator
  • All In One Grow Kit 16.9qt Mini Monotub With 8 Qt Humdifier, 3lb Grow Bag, 6500k Grow Light, 24 Hr Timer, Fan And Hygrometer Included
  • Bulk Mushroom Growing Kit Monotub Tek (triple) 6x 3 Lbs Pre-sterilized White Millet Seeds Spawn Bags And 6x 6 Lbs Pasteurized Substrate Bags
  • 3 4 Birch 2'x2' Laminar Flowhood Dayton Blower, 99.999 H14 Hepa Filtration, Prefilter, Plug In For Your Sealer, Usb Ports, Top Of The Line
  • Led Automated Light System For Home Microgreen Growers
  • 66 Quart Monotub Fruiting Chamber Spray Port Battery Powered 2speed Fan 5500k Light On Timer,etc.hassle Free Growing No Contams
  • Professional Laminar Flow Hood 24x24in 99.99-99.9995 Efficiency At 0.3 Um
  • Keder Cold Frame, Keder Coldframe, Keder Greenhouse, Polytunnel, Glasshouse, Green House, Poly Tunnel, Glass House, Cold Frame, Coldframe
  • Presto 01784 23-quart Induction Compatible Pressure Canner
  • Greenhouse, Climapod Hobby 9x12 (4 Mm Polycarbonate)
  • Laminar Flow Hood Hepa Filter 99.7 Filtration Mycology 47cm X 31.5cm X 20cm